• CONNECTING THE DOTS – A global conversation about youth mental health

  • MILK – Born into this world

  • ABUELAS – Grandmothers on a Mission

  • FRIDAS – Every Girl Wants a Skirt Like Fridas

  • GLORIOUSLY FREE – A stunning profile of how the world’s gay refuges are fleeing discrimination

  • LET’S TALK ABOUT IT – Intimate conversations between victims of domestic violence and their children

  • THE FORGOTTEN WOMAN – A powerful reminder of the forgotten

  • TEACHING THE LIFE OF MUSIC – “Teach the life of Music and Music will teach them the beauty of Life” J.A. Abreu

  • DESERT RIDERS – The Lost Children of the Sport of Kings

“Teaching the life of Music is so unabashedly good hearted and joyful it would melt the most cynical of post modern hearts”

— Anya Wassenberg

About Filmblanc

Filmblanc is an international film production company created by Noemi Weis in 1998 with a clear mission of bringing the world together. Before globalization was a common term and long before emails were the way of communication, Noemi Weis envisioned  an interconnected partnerships  between producers from around the world in order to nurture and provide creative people the means to produce their dreams anywhere in the world. [ Read more ]


Pope Francis blesses MILK and all Filmblanc films for its contribution to the world in the protection of human rights.
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Canada’s First Lady, passionate support for MILK.
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Noemi Weis is awarded as one of the top 10 most influential Canadians by Toronto Mayor John Tory and Ambassador Guillermo Rishchynski

News and updates

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MILK Documentary in Turkey: Breast milk or formula industry? | Feature in Yeşil Gazete


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MILK Instagram LIVE – What you need to know about water in emergency situations


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‘Seldom do you hear anyone talk about what happens to moms and babies’ – Interview with Cabin Radio


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MILK Educational Program – Interview with AMI Radio

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The MILK Educational Program is leading workshops on breastfeeding resiliency across Canada. Thank you CBC Radio and Allan Neal for your support.


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As we launch the MILK Educational Program we thank CTV News and Angie Seth for their support!

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