FILMBLANC International Production Services

FILMBLANC IPS offers one-stop solutions for all film needs, from shorts; long format, to documentaries, commercial and television productions, we service all forms of content.

If you need a sandstorm in the middle of winter –or a snow avalanche in the middle of summer– talk to us!

With over 20 years experience, we have cultivated a powerful global network of skilled and dependable partners. Filmblanc negotiates and supervises on behalf of its clients to ensure the production runs flawlessly, on budget and on time. Our ability to speak the local language and understand the local idiosyncrasies brings an added value to each production.

Our clients never have to worry about finding the right partners, because we’ve done it for them!
We cater to every size and scale of production and can adapt to fit the scope of any shoot.

We can also suggest sensible, cost efficient locations in Canada and parts of the world that you might not have thought of.
Let’s work together on your next production. No matter where you are, we’ll take you to the most suitable place to fit your needs.

These are some of the productions where Filmblanc has brought the world closer together.

This is what we call, “filmmaking with an accent”.

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