Desert Riders

Directed|DOP Vic Sarin || Written|Produced Noemi Weis || Composer Jack Lenz | Editor Eugene Weis

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Camel racing, often called the Sport of Kings, is one of the most popular sports in the Middle East. Desert Riders is the story of some of the thousands of boys, as young as two years old, who have been trafficked to the Middle East to work as camel jockeys from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mauritania and Sudan. With stunning visuals, Desert Riders illuminates the beauty of the Middle East, while featuring the children and their experiences in a bold, revealing and compelling way.

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Awards & Recognitions

International Premier at IDFA in the Best of the Fest Category.

Nominated by the Director’s Guild Of Canada in the category of “ Excellence in Documentary”

Winner of Best Documentary in the protection of Children’s rights at
One World Human Rights FF.

Winner of Best Cinematography by The Canadian Society of Cinematography.

Media Reviews

The Globe & Mail Desert Riders Vic Sarin 3.5 STARS. ” A tale of human trafficking, abuse and betrayal among nations, and families. “ M.L.

“ Sarin is a master cinematographer, and it’s a beautiful film, filled with breathtaking images.But beneath the lovely geography lurked the dark secret ” Desert Riders – John Mackie – Vancouver Sun

“ The truth, as Vic Sarin unflinchingly demonstrates, is much darker: a tale of human trafficking, abuse and betrayal among nations, and families ” Desert Riders – Marsha Lederman – The Globe & Mail

“ Unlike many dark-subject documentaries, Desert Riders leaves audiences with a sense of hope showing the steps that have ben taken to stop the practice ” Desert Riders – Chelsea Altice – Metro

“ The boys themselves provide the most poignant insights ” Desert Riders – artsNow newsletter

“ Vic Sarin hot-button expose documentary Desert Riders peels back the curtains ” Desert Riders – Etan Vlessing – Playback

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