Abuelas – Grandmothers on a mission

Produced|Directed Noemi Weis || Camera|Editor Eugene Weis || Composer Daniel Freiberg


For three decades, Argentina’s courageous Grandmothers, or “Abuelas”, have been searching for their grandchildren: the children of their sons and daughters who disappeared during Argentina’s “dirty war.” This film is a tribute to these women who have dedicated their lives to honoring a generation lost, with their quest for a generation found.

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Awards & Recognitions

WINNER – Jury Award – International Film Festival of Cine Politico – Buenos Aires

Nominated for Best Documentary in the Social Political Category by the Yorkton Film Festival

Media Reviews

“’Noemi Weis’ films deal with really raw, emotional and powerful subjects. She gives a voice to the voiceless.” Catherine Hubbard, The Argentinean Independent

“The ‘Abuelas’ are an impressive group. Weis’ film is a tribute and reminds people of a chapter of Argentine history most want to forget but can’t until those who have disappeared have been brought home.” Latina Lista

“An impressive testimony of dictatorships’ impact on families and on the strength of women’s hope through decades.” Sandrine Crisostomo, FEMCINE

Conversation with Director Noemi Weis

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