Let’s Talk About It

Directed by Academy Award Nominee Deepa Mehta || Creative development Noemi Weis |Deepa Mehta||
Cinematographer Noryar Kasper|| Composer Mathew Davis


Once the innocent and forgotten victims of domestic violence, children break the silence and secrecy of family abuse for the first time in Let’s Talk About It, a new documentary directed by
Deepa Mehta.

A compelling and purposeful call to action, the one-hour documentary puts a voice and a face to the global epidemic that is breeding a new generation of abusers.

Fusing the structured first-person story-telling techniques of the documentary with the revealing and spontaneous tell-it-like-it-is conversations between parent and child, in a chilling landscape with the cautionary tales of immigrant women who share their stories of domestic violence and the resulting negative impact and influence on their children from their exposure to violence in the home.

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Awards & Recognitions

Winner of the Golden Ribbon Award 2006
from the Canadian Broadcast Association as the best documentary of the year in the Public Affairs Category. Second consecutive year for Filmblanc.

Winner of the Yorkton Gold Schiffer Jury Award Yorkton Film Festival

“Let’s talk about it” is used as an educational tool in most universtities across North America, women’s shelters, community and correctional centers and women’s organizations groups.

Media Reviews

“ The documentary is a call to action ”
Let’s Talk About It – Gloria Suhasini – Indiaglitz

“ This film encourages dialogue and discussion ”
Let’s Talk About It – National Film Board off Canada

“ Deepa Mehta produces a searing documentary ”
Let’s Talk About It – Gayle MacDonald – Globe & Mail

“ An eye opening documentary from acclaimed filmaker Deepa Mehta ”
Let’s Talk About It – Bill Brioux – Toronto Sun

“ A compelling and purposeful call to action – Deepa Mehta has created a chilling landscape ”
Let’s Talk About It – Festival de Films

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