Written, Directed and Produced – Noemi Weis | Story Producer – Andrée Bagosy | Editor Eugene Weis | Composers – Suad Bushnaq – Lodewijk Vos


Connecting the Dots is the first feature documentary of its kind to offer a raw and intimate look at youth mental health from a global perspective. With heart-felt poignant stories of lived experience, the film exclusively showcases young voices breaking barriers surrounding youth mental health. Through highly cinematic and character driven storytelling, Connecting the Dots is emotional, reflective and hopeful. Our future leaders are speaking up. It’s time to listen.

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Awards and Distinctions

WINNER – Award of Excellence: Documentary Feature | Accolade Global Film Competition

WINNER – Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery | Accolade Global Film Competition


“Such an empowering film with an uplifting effect! This film has the power to save lives.” – Leslie Kulperger, Myles Ahead, Advancing Child & Youth Mental Health

“What an amazing film! Thank you for using your platform to amplify youth voice. Amazing job to all of the youth involved – you are all so well-spoken and your strength is immeasurable.” – Nikki St Clair, Assistant Coordinator, Timmins Youth Wellness Hub

“This documentary should be a wake up call for local, state and national governments to provide funding to address the mental health needs of youth.” – Bill Norton, Boys to Men

“It was one of the best documentaries I have “experienced”. It opened my eyes to what kids in my community are experiencing and will put more emphasis in my organization to reach out and try to become a better listener with friends who are kids.” – Elizabeth McAllister, Manor Park Community Association

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